Affinity Upgrades Local Equipment


Affinity Wins Bid for FCC Licensed 3.5 GHz Spectrum

Affinity, a Pocatello-based internet company, is proud to announce that we have recently won an FCC auction of 3.5 GHz mid-band spectrum. These Priority Access Licenses (PALs) are controlled by a Spectrum Access System (SAS) Administrator and have effectively launched as of April 15th. 

Having obtained licensed spectrum from the FCC auction, Affinity is now able to provide high-speed internet without interference from outside parties with similar frequencies. We are now fully operational with our 3.5 GHz frequency band licensed spectrum in 10 counties across southeast Idaho.

With an investment of more than $3.4 million toward licensing, staffing, and upgraded technology, Affinity is working hard to resolve the digital divide between urban and rural areas by providing adequate coverage and reliable internet to those with fewer options across southeast Idaho. Upgrades to our tech and infrastructure include top-of-the-line Ericsson tech, which is a cellular equipment supplier similar to what major cell phone providers use to deliver internet services. In making these much needed changes and improvements, Affinity is now able to connect our communities better than ever before.

As many smaller, rural communities still lack access to quality services, Affinity is committed to providing high-speed internet services to these underserved communities in southeast Idaho. As a local Pocatello company, we’ve pledged to do our part to bridge the technological divide between urban and rural communities. We will continue to expand and improve to provide much-needed, quality services to our neighbors here in Idaho.