Be Seen Where It Matters Most

The Affinity Advertising Focus

We partner with local places like restaurants, retail shops, and gyms where there is an audience to see your advertisements on our screens.
Your Account Manager can customize a package that meets your budget and targets your preferred audience.

On average, your ad gets shown 7.5 times per visitor.

Ads display for ten seconds at least every six minutes.

Ads run at least 70 to 80 times per screen each day.

Affinity Advertising Stands Out

Significant dwell times and high traffic are what makes this advertising method standout from the rest.

Captive Audiences

High Frequency and Reach

Build Brand Awareness

Generate Business

Target Geographic Areas

Target Specific Demographics




Impressions Per Month


Impressions Per Hour

45 min

Average Dwell Time of Viewers

Ten Reasons Indoor Digital Advertising Works

1. Build Brand Awareness

Gets your brand in front of your target market

2. Reach the Right Demographic

Diverse screen locations offer targeted ad placement

3. Target the Right Area

Target the areas where you do business

4. Total Flexibility

Adjust your message whenever you need

5. Captive Audiences

Large dwell times increases your impressions

6. Affordable

Low infrastructure and maintenance costs are passed onto you

7. Innovative

Our advertising service is non-traditional and catches the eye of the audience

8. Engaging

Offers ways to engage with your audience

9. Impression Volume

Limited ad space to increase exposure

10. Customizable

Tailer your ad strategy to fit your campaign


Get Your Message Across Southern Idaho

Over 180 Indoor Digital Displays

Diverse Locations and Audiences

Targeted Advertising Tactics

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